Plant Identification & Gardening Books

Whether you are looking for field guides or books on gardening, this collection offers a wealth of information.

Our pursuit of fine books for plant identification and organic gardening will appeal to those who wish to explore the natural world. We hope these books generate enthusiasm and build excitement as you explore the wondrous possibilities of our beautiful planet and herbal gardening. Now you can enthusiastically explore with confidence the botanical world around you with these useful and helpful guides and books. When you buy titles from Mountain Rose Herbs, we guarantee that every book was hand-picked by our staff, and we enthusiastically recommend them to those who love the natural world and organic gardening.

Building an Herbal Library: Our Favorite Books

Benefits of Companion Planting with Herbs

Plant Diversity and Natural Pest Solutions

Growing a Medicine Herb Garden: How to Start Seeds

Plant Guides & Gardening Books

Plant Identification & Gardening Books