Supporting our community through financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteer hours is a core part of our company culture. Working directly with local and national nonprofit organizations, offering charitable giving, event sponsorships, and matching gifts. Learn about our grant program and the organizations working on issues in the areas of environmental conservation, herbal education, social justice, and sustainable agriculture.

Grants 4 Plants

Mountain Rose Herbs created a grant program in 2018 to support home herbalists, nonprofits, and small businesses working to make this planet a better place! Visit Grants 4 Plants for information on qualifications, requirements, and how to submit an application. Learn about the plant-projects and organizations we’ve funded in the past.

Environmental & Wildlife Conservation


Beyond Toxics

Beyond Toxics has an impressive history of successes, working for environmental and social justice in Oregon. Mountain Rose Herbs does all it can to help our friends at Beyond Toxics. We donate 5% of annual sales from our Pollinator Tea to Beyond Toxics. We also help by sponsoring their action campaigns and events, distributing timely and important campaign materials, and paying for a portion of the printing of those materials. If you live in Oregon and want to ensure a healthy and vibrant landscape within our lovely state, we encourage you to support them too.


Cascades Raptor Center

They foster a connection between people and bird predators in the Pacific Northwest. Through wildlife rehabilitation and public education, staff and dedicated volunteers work to rehab and release orphaned, sick, and injured birds. Mountain Rose Herbs supports the Center by distributing information and adopting permanent bird residents of the Center annually. We are lucky to have this organization in Eugene, Oregon.


Cascadia Wildlands, We Like it Wild

A truly inspiring organization in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to protecting the forests, waters, and wildlife of the Cascadia region. These folks aggressively promote a more compassionate and responsible relationship with ecosystems in the land we call home, and we could not imagine our great region without them! Mountain Rose Herbs assists Cascadia Wildlands with substantial annual contributions and event sponsorships. This organization is smaller than most environmental groups and could use all the help they can get, so please visit them online.


Friends of Buford Park and Mt Pisgah

This nonprofit organization protects and enhances native ecosystems in the Mt. Pisgah area outside of beautiful Eugene, Oregon. They have a dedicated trail crew and lead guided tours through Buford Park’s 2,300 acres of riparian forests, fir groves, and endangered oak savannas and prairies. Mountain Rose Herbs sponsors multiple plots in the Native Plant Nursery each year, including Yarrow, Trillium, and Nettle.


Friends of Trees

Mountain Rose Herbs is pleased to support an organization that has a solid track record of planting and caring for trees. Since 1989, they've planted more than 450,000 trees in Portland/Vancouver and Eugene/Springfield metro areas. As a sponsor of their Green Space Initiative, this partnership is more than just a monetary donation. Mountain Rose Herbs' employees have the opportunity to get their hands dirty to increase urban canopy cover and inspire residents to care for existing trees.


KS Wild Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center

Focusing on restoration and protection of the Klamath-Siskiyou region of southwest Oregon and northern California, the KS Wild organization champions land and water conservation with a focus on policy and community action. Mountain Rose Herbs' continued support recognizes the regional continuity of the Pacific Northwest and the importance of the work being done.


Middle Fork Watershed

Flowing through the heart of Eugene is the Willamette River, it as well as the tributaries are the life blood of the valley we call home. Without the steadfast efforts of this watershed council that very life would be imperiled. The Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council works with communities for a healthy Middle Fork Willamette watershed through environmental education and habitat restoration.


Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Mount Pisgah is a nonprofit operation nesting on a 209-acre living tree museum full of diverse terrain and natural ecosystems. The arboretum is committed to using an ecologically sound approach to all aspects of site development and maintenance. Throughout the year, several educational programs are sponsored by Mountain Rose Herbs and hosted onsite at Mount Pisgah, including the Wildflower & Mushroom Festivals. Mountain Rose Herbs also sponsored an interpretive exhibit in the Arboretum's incense-cedar forest, worth a visit if you're in Eugene


Native Plant Society of Oregon

NPSO works tirelessly for plant and habitat conservation. For nearly 50 years, members of the Native Plant Society of Oregon have been visiting the wild places of Oregon to enjoy, conserve, and study its natural vegetation. Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to support NPSO as they carry out rare plant surveys and monitoring programs, develop guidelines and policy regarding native plant gardening, ethics, grazing, mining, and forest management.


Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides

We are proud to support the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP), a truly informative and resourceful organization. Mountain Rose Herbs assists NCAP in disseminating information and action alerts to the public concerning pressing pesticide issues, and in the promotion of pesticide-free living. In addition, we make financial and in-kind donations. Check out their website to get printable brochures and flyers on pesticides, lawn poisons, alternatives to harmful chemicals, and resources for home and garden tips.


Oregon Wild

Oregon Wild is one of Oregon's finest environmental organizations fighting for the preservation of our wild and open places and all of the critters that live within them. From salmon protection to wolf introduction, we believe that Oregon would not be the special place to work, live, or play without the efforts of Oregon Wild. Currently, Mountain Rose Herbs is one of their largest financial supporters, and we sponsor all of their Wild Wednesday events in Portland and Eugene. If you love the wild splendor of Oregon, please support this organization.



Mountain Rose Herbs is a regular financial contributor to this active organization that is at the forefront of the pesticide reform movement. In addition to this, we also donate products to their charity events and distribute pesticide use information on their behalf. We encourage anyone concerned about the excessive use of pesticides to give this group a moment of their time.


Re:wild Your Campus

Re:wild's mission is to protect and restore the wild to build a thriving Earth where all life flourishes. The Re:wild Your Campus program seeks to empower the next generation of environmental leaders to create safer, more sustainable living and learning environments for all, by starting locally and advocating for organic land care on their campuses. Education is fundamental to establishing cultural values of inclusion and ecological stewardship and we at MRH are dedicated to cocreating this community through financial support of Re:wild's efforts.


Speak for Wolves

For nearly ten years Speak for Wolves has been working to empower activists with science and indigenous land knowledge-based education. They challenge existing wildlife management practices and influence policies that will benefit large predators. Based in Portland Oregon their annual grassroots wildlife conference is a must for anyone interested in achieving recovered and thriving wildlife populations.


Western Environmental Law Center

This public interest law firm has a list of accomplishments as high as the mighty Sequoia trees grow and as impressive as the rushing western waters home to our beloved salmon. They use the power of law to defend and protect majestic landscapes, iconic wildlife, and rural farming communities. Mountain Rose Herbs supports WELC with annual financial contributions, event sponsorships, and a matching gift.


Wild Salmon Center

Wild Salmon Center is the only organization of its kind that conserves wild Pacific salmon across their entire range: from Northern California, to Alaska, to the Russian Far East. They focus on river systems that are still healthy and productive—“strongholds” for wild salmon—and proactively safeguard them before critical habitat has been degraded by mines, dams, or clear-cut timber harvests. In doing so, they’re also working to benefit the North Pacific’s salmon-dependent communities, jobs, and wildlife. Mountain Rose Herbs is a generous supporter of WSC's work to conserve some of the Lower 48's best wild salmon and steelhead rivers right here in western Oregon.


Willamette Resource and Education Network

Mountain Rose Herbs' Eugene headquarters are in the West Eugene Wetlands, home to hundreds of plants and animals, an ecosystem we interact with every day. As stewards of this environment, we offer financial support to the Willamette Resources & Education Network. A nonprofit organization who provides environmental education to over 5,000 individuals a year in the Eugene/Springfield area. Together, with their partners they have protected more than 4,000 acres of rare wetland, wet prairie, and upland prairie habitat in Eugene.


Willamette Riverkeeper

Willamette Riverkeeper has been working to protect and restore the Willamette River for more than 25 years. They passionately believe that a river with good water quality, abundant natural habitat, and one that's safe for fishing and swimming is a basic public right. Mountain Rose Herbs supports Willamette Riverkeeper through annual sponsorship and participates in the Great Willamette Clean Up, a Valley-wide month of community action.

Herbal Education


American Herbal Producers Association

Founded in 1982, AHPA's mission has been to promote the responsible and sustainable commerce of herbal goods. Their vision of high-quality herbal products being readily available and used by consumers is shared and supported by MRH through continued financial support and participation in their herbal and botanical product committees and participation on their Board of Trustees.


United Plant Savers, Stewards of Healing Herbs

Since their inception, Mountain Rose Herbs has financially contributed to and actively co-campaigned with this organization. We follow their recommendations for threatened species and make decisions to either stock or discontinue botanicals based on their notifications concerning the status of particular plants. Their mission is to ensure healthy stands of threatened or endangered medicinal plants, and they offer information on planting your own endangered herb garden. Become a member today to access their fun website with loads of advice and membership services..

Organic & Sustainable Agriculture


The Cornucopia Institute

Mountain Rose Herbs’ mission aligns completely with that of The Cornucopia Institute, supporting sustainable, organic agriculture and educating consumers, family farmers, and the public. This group of passionate researchers, advocates, and foodies promote economic justice for farmers and producers. Mountain Rose Herbs supports The Cornucopia Institute with an annual financial donation in their work to spread information with scorecards and infographics.


Organic Farmers Association

Organic agriculture is at the heart of everything we do here at Mountain Rose Herbs. We proudly support the work of Organic Farmers association and their efforts to create a strong unified national voice for domestic certified organic producers. They recognize that organic farms are managed in concert with natural systems to enhance the ecology of our local ecosystems, including clean air, water, soil, and food.


Rodale Institute

The Rodale Institute’s mission truly aligns with that of Mountain Rose Herbs. “Through organic leadership we improve the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.” For more than 60 years, this group has been researching organic agriculture, sharing best practices, advocating for policies that support farmers, and educating consumers about the health benefits of eating organic. Mountain Rose Herbs is a financial supporter, and we encourage everyone to learn more about the Rodale Institute.

Social Justice & Green Partners


Civil Liberties Defense Center

In 2003 the Civil Liberties Defense Center began supporting movements that seek to dismantle the political and economic structures at the root of social inequality and environmental destruction. Since their founding, they have defended more than 4,500 activists in court - with the lion's share of those cases either being won outright or dismissed. Truly fighting for a version of the world we would all prefer to see, their tireless efforts will continue to be supported by Mountain Rose Herbs!


MECCA Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts

Mountain Rose Herbs enthusiastically supports the waste diversion efforts of MECCA and could not be more pleased with their focus on supporting arts in education. While breaking down financial barriers to the arts they inspire us to imagine creative uses for discarded materials.