Chai & Mate

Explore our collection of house-blended chais and traditional mates. Sip and savor these invigorating loose-leaf teas.

Our selection of organic loose-leaf chai, yerba mate, and tropical teas will invigorate and inspire you with each sip. From our beautifully blended mint chocolate mate to our caffeine-free turmeric chai, these tasty creations can be enjoyed day and night. Chai and mate are traditional drinks that have inspired generations with their distinctive taste. Chai is a unique blend usually consisting of a base of black, and sometimes red, tea. These invigorating beverages are also infused with alluring spices from around the world to provide one of the most distinctive cups. Yerba mate, guayusa, and yaupon are all members of the Ilex, or holly genus, which encompasses close to 500 different species across the globe. Each one of these holly teas has a rich history of ceremonial use as a communal experience between tribal members in North and South America.

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Chai & Mate

Chai & Mate