Herbal Syrups, Elixirs & Bitters

Enjoy our complete line of herbal syrups, bitters, and elixirs created in-house by our skilled artisans.

From herbal syrups to exotic elixirs and fire ciders, we offer one of the most complete lines of liquid supplements for your everyday health needs. Convenient, effective, and easy to use, these botanical must-haves make it easy to keep your favorite herbal remedy on hand wherever you go. The herbal creations found inside each bottle are expertly made in-house by our skilled team utilizing primarily certified organic botanicals. From aromatic bitters for digestion and cocktail creations to classic elderberry syrup for immune support, Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to provide a complete line of liquid digestibles for all your health needs.

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Herbal Syrups, Elixirs & Bitters