Organic Spices & Seasoning Blends

Handcrafted with the freshest spices from around the world, our organic blends add unmatched flavor to any cuisine.

Reach for Mountain Rose Herbs’ artisanal spice blends for everyday flavors like seasoning salt, or when you want to enjoy exotic flavors of the world, like Curry and Chinese 5 Spice. Each blend is created from organically grown ingredients that are harvested fresh each year. Our spice blends can be ordered in attractive glass bottles with a shaker top to fit your spice rack or in large sizes for foodies looking for bulk spice blends or a way to sustainably refill their favorite upcycled bottles with fresh organic blends. Suitable for the home cook or restaurant chef, the Mountain Rose Herbs spice blends are made with fresh and vibrant spices and bottled in small batches. This means that our spices do not degrade on store shelves for long periods of time and are guaranteed to arrive to you fresh and full of flavor.

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Spice Blends from Around the World

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Seasoning Blends

Organic Spices & Seasoning Blends