What are your ordering Terms & Conditions?

If you would like access to our full Terms & Conditions, please click HERE.

Why don’t you offer free shipping?

We offer highly discounted flat-rate shipping costs based on the size of your order. We have maintained the lowest possible prices for our products and continue to lower our prices whenever we can, but rather than subsidizing the cost of the shipping within our product pricing and offering free or reduced shipping rates, we opt for a more transparent pricing system.

How long do processing and shipping take?

The estimated fulfillment times are listed next to each shipping method during checkout and are also listed in your confirmation email below the shipping address. From start to finish your order is processed, filled, and shipped by human beings! For the highest quality and freshness, all of our products are hand-poured and filled to order, rather than pre-bagged. We pride ourselves on this personal touch to ensure every package is perfect. For additional information regarding our shipping policies please visit our Shipping Information page.

Can I add to my order after it’s placed?

We capture the total amount of your order at the time the order is placed and so we are unfortunately unable to make changes. Due to ecommerce regulations and for our customers' protection, adding to or changing the order is not possible without canceling and refunding the original order.

My order has not shipped yet, can I cancel it?

We process your order as quickly as possible and are unable to guarantee that we can cancel your order.  Please contact our Customer Service Team to inquire if we can accommodate your request. 

How do I purchase/apply a gift certificate? 

We offer electronic gift certificates that you may purchase HEREThey are all electronic and are emailed to the recipient as soon as we process the order.  You can redeem your gift certificate online by entering the gift certificate code from the email attachment you received in the “Add Certificate” section of the web cart. Once you hit “Apply” the amount of the gift certificate will be automatically deducted from your grand total.  We are sorry, but we no longer offer paper gift certificates that can be mailed to a recipient.  

If you have one of our old paper gift certificates, the redemption process is different from the above steps. When you are ready to redeem a paper gift certificate, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-879-3337. We are going to convert your paper gift certificate amount into a store credit so that you are able to apply it to your order right at checkout.  For more details please click HERE

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, Mountain Rose Herbs is only processing and shipping orders with billing and final destination shipping addresses located in the United States and Canada. We are not able to bill or ship to any countries outside of these two destinations. If you have specific questions regarding orders being shipped to Canada, please visit our Shipping Information page. 

Are all of your products organic?

We strive to sell organic products whenever possible. If a product is not organic, it is cultivated without chemicals, or wild harvested. Our 10 full-time lab staffers are constantly testing our ingredients to ensure they meet our strict specifications and are free from adulterants and contamination, including pesticides. You may always request a certificate of analysis, organic certificate, and kosher certificate. Please see our certifications page for more details on the additional documents we can provide for you.

Are your essential oils therapeutic grade? Can they be ingested?

The essential oils offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are 100% pure essential oils. Our essential oil line is suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetics, and for the production of body care products. Due to regulatory concerns, we are unable to recommend them for internal use. Pure essential oils such as ours are extremely concentrated and many of them are dangerous if ingested.

How are your products packaged?

Our product packaging is designed to protect the high-quality botanicals inside. We use a variety of materials including glass, plastic, multi-layer bags, recyclable tin, and boxes to keep the botanical goodness inside fresh. In addition, we pride ourselves on making sure we use green materials to package and pad our boxes to ensure your order arrives safe and sound.

Can I return a product? What if I received the wrong item or my order was damaged?

Our guarantee to you is that if for ANY reason you wish to return the products that you have received, you may send them back to us postmarked within 30 days from the date your order is received. If you have received the wrong item or damage occurs, please contact us at (800) 879-3337, extension 109, or email us at support@mountainroseherbs.com. For additional information please visit our Returns Policy page. Due to compliance requirements, products purchased on our website will not be accepted as returns at any of our physical locations.

There was an error message when I tried to check out, what now?

If you are experiencing an issue while entering your payment information, the billing address you entered might not match the address of the card being used. Our payment system requires that the billing address provided matches the card for our customers’ protection—this is a feature of the AVS verification system that Mountain Rose Herbs and many online companies use. Please contact your bank to ensure your billing address is correct or if there are any other issues that may cause the payment to be rejected.

If you are not seeing any shipping rates once you provide your shipping address, this could be due to products being in your cart that have a shipping restriction. There are products that we are unable to ship to certain destinations. You can learn more about these restrictions on our Shipping Information page. There are also some restrictions from specific states for several types of seed packets. Seed packet restrictions are listed on the individual seed’s product page. If you have additional questions, please contact our Customer Service Team. 

Where is my tracking information?

We will send you an email with your tracking information as soon as we generate a shipping label for your order.  If you have not received an email from us with your shipping details, please contact us to check on your order. We can be reached (800) 879-3337 Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm PST.

Why does it take so long for an item to come back in stock?

We prefer to let our shelves sit empty rather than sell our customers inferior stock. While it would be easy to purchase lesser quality botanicals, we are committed to bringing you only the best. Our growers are regularly impacted by unpredictability due to weather, crop success, and even international crises including conflict. When items do arrive at our facility, they are subject to our rigorous quality control process in order to make sure we only provide the best herbal products to our customers.

We recommend signing up for a Back in Stock email notification on the website. If some or all sizes of a product you’re searching for are out of stock, you will see a gray “Notify when in stock” button. Click this, and you will be able to sign up for an automatic email notification upon restocking. You can keep track of and manage your notifications by using your online account.

Does Mountain Rose Herbs sell on Amazon.com?

In order to guarantee the quality of our products and keep our prices low, we never sell on internet marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. If you see our products listed on those marketplaces, they are being sold by a third party, and we have no way of guaranteeing their quality. Please note that products bought from third parties must be returned through those channels and are not returnable to us.

Why do I have sales tax added to my order?

Mountain Rose Herbs charges sales tax in accordance with multiple and ever-changing state laws. If you have questions about how that works, please contact our Customer Service department or see our Ordering Information page.