Carrier Oils & Vegetable Oils

The finest selection of organic vegetable oils and carrier oils for the kitchen, skincare recipes, soap making, and aromatherapy.

At Mountain Rose Herbs, we are committed to providing you with the most magnificent vegetable oils that are unsurpassed in color, depth, consistency, essential fatty acids, and key nutrients. Vegetable oils, also known as carrier oils, offer a plethora of uses which include it’s use in aromatherapy and essential oil applications, within culinary creations in the kitchen, as a DIY ingredient for soap and skincare, or they can be applied directly for topical use. Fresh-pressed, these wonderful and pure oils are versatile ingredients for all your creations. Every vegetable oil we offer is produced through expeller or cold-pressed methods. We do not employ the use of solvent, hexane, or alcohol extraction and we do not stock oils that have been processed through heat intensive extraction, as these methods produce relatively unhealthy oils that lack in the qualities we require.

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Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils & Vegetable Oils