Our free journal/catalog comes in print and digital versions. The full-color printed journal/catalog is created and mailed once a year to folks who request them or have recently purchased from us. Easily browse all of our herbal offerings, get exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, and enjoy an array of botanically inspired recipes. 


Our journal/catalog is printed on FSC-certified, post-consumer waste paper using a chlorine-free and low-VOC process. Not a single tree was cut to produce it. While we hope you’ll keep it around for awhile or share with a friend, we encourage you to compost or recycle this journal/catalog when you’re through.

Compared to printing on virgin fiber, WE SAVED:

  • 703 trees (the equivalent of 2 football fields)
  • 678,344 gallons of water (enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool)
  • 69,401 pounds of waste (that’s like loading 2 garbage trucks)
  • 584 MMBTU (the amount of energy consumed by 6 households annually)

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