Single Herbal Extracts

Each of our herbal extracts and tinctures are handcrafted using time honored recipes and organic alcohol.

Our single extracts are meticulously tinctured in-house by our experts at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure only the highest quality herbal supplement. Mountain Rose Herbs primarily uses farm-fresh grown botanicals whenever possible and, when not possible, we exclusively use our line of high quality organic dried herbs. In our manufacturing process, we have a strict commitment to using only certified organic alcohol and we macerate and process within hours of harvest direct from our farms. Using extracts made with certified organic alcohol guarantees you a healthy and vibrant product that we rely on for our natural health and wellbeing. Simple to use and easily added to most food or beverages, our liquid herbal supplements can be conveniently incorporated into your everyday health regimen. Considered highly concentrated, tinctures are the preferred modality of healthcare experts for the fast absorption and healing properties of plants. From 1 ounce to 32 ounce, we have a size for all your daily herbal needs.

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Single Herbal Extracts