March 20, 2023

ICC Men’s World Cup 2022 | Australia Wants To Raise Net Run Rate

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At this point, there are only six Super 12 matches left to play at the T20 World Cup, and it is Australia’s last opportunity to make their way into the semi-finals.

The Australian national team will play Afghanistan in their final Group 1 match today, and they are well aware that anything less than a resounding victory will almost certainly be the end of their tournament run. Since there is no chance of rain in Adelaide during the course of the weekend, the status of the two teams’ respective semi-finals will not be affected.

In Group 2, Pakistan’s victory over South Africa on Thursday night has kept their slender chances alive; nevertheless, they will need to keep their fingers crossed for an upset in any of the three games that will be played for that group on Sunday.

And even for those countries whose hopes of reaching the semi-finals may already have been dashed, there is still a lot to play for because the winner of this tournament will be automatically qualified to compete in the Twenty20 World Cup in 2024.

A look at each team’s prospects of advancing to the semi-finals is provided below.

Group 1

New Zealand

So far, the results have been as follows: victory over Australia, draw with Afghanistan, victory over Sri Lanka, and defeat at the hands of England.

The next match will feature Ireland (Friday, Adelaide)

Everyone in Australia will be cheering for Ireland this afternoon, despite the fact that our nearest neighbors are located in New Zealand. Losing to England on Monday night was a setback for both the New Zealand and Australian cricket teams, but the fate of the Black Caps in the Twenty20 World Cup is still in their own hands thanks in large part to a good net run rate (NRR). To put it another way, if they beat Ireland in Adelaide this afternoon, they will take first place in Group 1 and have a shot at making it to the final of the Twenty20 World Cup for the second year in a row. If they were to lose, though, they would have to hope that Australia would lose against Afghanistan (a match immediately following their clash against Ireland). If New Zealand loses and Australia wins, it will be the end of the campaign for the Black Caps. This is because whomever wins the game between England and Sri Lanka on Sunday would pass them in the standings.


So far, the results are as follows: victory over Afghanistan; defeat at the hands of Ireland; draw with Australia; victory over New Zealand.

Game to come: Sri Lanka (Saturday, SCG)

A victory over the Black Caps has put England into first place in their battle with Australia for a spot in the semifinals, but it is not yet guaranteed that England will advance. England has the advantage of playing last, with their final match taking place tomorrow after New Zealand and Australia have played their final group games, so Jos Buttler’s men will know exactly what is required of them. Should either Australia or New Zealand lose to Afghanistan or Ireland respectively (matches that take place a day prior to their clash against Sri Lanka), NRR would not come into the equation, and an England win would see them progress to the next round. However, in the event that both Australia and New Zealand are victorious in their respective matches, England will need to prevail in order to keep the score tied at seven points apiece for all three sides, with the NRR serving as the deciding factor. If Australia wins their match against Afghanistan by a significant margin, and England defeats Sri Lanka by by a narrow margin, then England still has a chance to finish third behind Australia and be eliminated from the competition.


So far, the results have been as follows: defeat over New Zealand, victory over Sri Lanka, a draw with England, and victory over Ireland.

Afghanistan will take the field next (Friday, Adelaide)

The victory that England had against New Zealand at the Gabba has made it difficult and doubtful for Australia to get to the semi-finals. To improve their weak NRR, the hosts are currently banking on a few of surprises in the final round of Group 1 fixtures or a resounding victory over Afghanistan. If either of those results were to occur — that is, Ireland beating New Zealand or Sri Lanka beating England – the Australians would advance to the semi-finals with a victory of any kind vs the Afghans. However, if everything goes according to plan, Australia (NRR -0.304) will need to pull off a monumental victory in order to not only pass England (NRR +0.547), but also create enough of a gap to prevent Jos Buttler’s team from passing them again and taking over first place. Australia would need to win their match against Afghanistan by approximately 60 runs if they were to bat first, or they would need to chase a target of approximately 140 runs in approximately 13 overs in order to pass England’s NRR. Additionally, England have the benefit of playing their match on Saturday, which comes after Australia’s encounter against Afghanistan on Friday. This could make it interesting to observe how the Australians approach the game strategically at the Adelaide Oval.

Sri Lanka

So far, the results are as follows: victory against Ireland, defeat over Australia and New Zealand, and victory over Afghanistan.

The next match will feature England (Saturday, SCG)

Every single Australian will be cheering for Sri Lanka when they take on England on Saturday, as the team still has a remote possibility of making it into the semi-finals. Despite this, they have a significant number of obstacles to overcome before they can make any headway. They need, above all else, for either Ireland to win against New Zealand on Friday afternoon OR Afghanistan to win against Australia in the game that immediately follows. The following day, on Saturday, they will have to defeat England at the SCG in a match that is expected to be very interesting. It will take nothing less than an upset on Friday and a victory over England for them to advance. Even if Australia and New Zealand win and eliminate Sri Lanka’s chances of reaching the semi-finals, Sri Lanka can still finish no lower than fourth, which will guarantee that they have automatically qualified for the Twenty20 World Cup in 2024. This would be a fantastic result for a team that had to advance through the first round stage of this competition.


So far, the results have been as follows: a defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka, a victory over England (DLS), a draw with Afghanistan, and a defeat at the hands of Australia.

The next game will feature New Zealand (Friday, Adelaide)

After losing to the Australians, their hopes of making it to the semi-finals are officially over. Things will not get any easier for the Irish when they face New Zealand, but if they can pull off an upset victory this afternoon in Adelaide, they will still have a chance to influence the outcome of the semi-finals. Their current objective is to have a good performance against New Zealand; however, if they are unable to pull off a second major upset and win that game, they will not finish any higher than fifth, which means they will have an anxious wait to find out if they will automatically qualify for the 2024 Twenty20 World Cup (more on that process at the bottom of this article).


So far, the results have been as follows: a defeat to England, a washout against New Zealand, a defeat to Ireland, and a defeat against Sri Lanka.

Game to come: Australia (Friday, Adelaide)

Afghanistan’s elimination from the Twenty20 World Cup came about as a result of their loss to Sri Lanka on Tuesday, but in all honesty, their chances were wrecked by the heavy rain that fell in Melbourne after they had two matches at the MCG washed out against New Zealand and Ireland respectively. Even though they cannot advance past the match against Australia in Adelaide, it is unlikely that they will view the match as a dead rubber because it is a unique opportunity to eliminate the T20 World Cup hosts and because Rashid Khan will be playing in Adelaide, where he is adored by Strikers fans.

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Group 2


So far, the results are as follows: victory over Pakistan, victory over Netherlands, defeat to South Africa, victory over Bangladesh

The next match will feature Zimbabwe (Sunday, MCG)

After a thrilling victory against Bangladesh in Adelaide, the Indian team is now in first place in their group and is virtually guaranteed to make it through to the semifinals of the competition. After Pakistan’s victory over South Africa on Thursday night, there is virtually no chance that India will not go to the semifinals of the tournament. In order for that to happen, they would need to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe in front of a sold-out MCG crowd on Sunday, and Bangladesh would need to achieve a monumental victory over Pakistan in order to raise their NRR. They are currently in first place in their group, therefore there is a good likelihood that they will advance to the semifinals.

South Africa

So far, the results have been as follows: a draw with Zimbabwe, a victory over Bangladesh, a triumph over India, and a defeat at the hands of Pakistan.

The next match will feature the Netherlands (Sunday, Adelaide)

In Adelaide last night, the Proteas were defeated by a Pakistan team that was playing out the string, and as a result, they missed out on the opportunity to take first place in Group 2. Because of this, their match on Sunday against the Netherlands is one that they absolutely must win in order to avoid elimination from the competition. If they are able to clear that obstacle, then they will proceed unimpeded into the semifinals.


So far, the results are as follows: a defeat against India, a defeat against Zimbabwe, a victory over the Netherlands, and a victory over South Africa.

Game to come: Bangladesh (Sunday, Adelaide)

There is hope in this place. There is still a remote and improbable chance that Pakistan will make it to the semifinals, but this possibility can be explained by mathematics. The victory that the Dutch team had over Zimbabwe earlier that day marked the completion of the first stage of that procedure. Then Pakistan did their part by claiming victory over South Africa the other night. After that, they need to handily defeat Bangladesh on Sunday, although in this competition, a victory of that magnitude is not a given at all. They will then require either an extremely unlikely victory for the Netherlands over South Africa or a victory for Zimbabwe over India on Sunday evening in Melbourne. Both of these outcomes are highly doubtful. It will come down to the net run rate if both the Proteas and Zimbabwe finish with six points. If South Africa is defeated by the Dutch, Pakistan and India have a chance to win their way into the semi-finals if they win their games on Sunday.


So far, the results are as follows: victory over Netherlands, defeat against South Africa, victory over Zimbabwe, and defeat against India.

Game to come: Pakistan (Sunday, Adelaide)

The Tigers’ chances of reaching the semifinals were dealt a severe blow when they were defeated by India in a devastating match on Wednesday night; nonetheless, they will face Pakistan in a match that must be won with full confidence because they have performed well throughout the tournament. If they were to win against Pakistan, their chances of winning the series would depend on the extremely remote possibility that Zimbabwe would defeat India by a significant margin and that South Africa would lose both of their remaining matches. Even if it is a long shot, Bangladesh will take comfort in the fact that they have most likely ensured that they would be automatically qualified to compete in the Twenty20 World Cup in 2024.


The current standings are as follows: loss with South Africa, victory with Pakistan, defeat with Bangladesh, and defeat with the Netherlands.

Game to come: India (Sunday, MCG)

The Zimbabweans were likely dismayed by their defeat at the hands of the Dutch on Wednesday afternoon, which effectively put an end to their participation in the Super 12 tournament. They had begun their campaign with a great deal of promise. This came after the Chevrons suffered a nail-biting defeat to Bangladesh by three runs the previous week. At one time during that match, the Chevrons appeared to have a real shot at advancing out of Group 2. Now that the tournament is done, the focus shifts to qualifying for the next edition of the Twenty20 World Cup, and a victory over India on Sunday is essential in order for them to finish in the top four of Group 2.


So far, the results are as follows: a defeat to Bangladesh, a defeat to India, a defeat to Pakistan, and a victory over Zimbabwe.

The upcoming match will feature South Africa (Sunday, Adelaide)

On Wednesday afternoon, the Dutch team gave their supporters something to cheer about by claiming their first victory of the Super 12 stage with a well-deserved victory over Zimbabwe. The Netherlands, who were unable to advance to the semi-finals, have the opportunity to cause a stir in Group 2 by causing an upset against the Proteas. A win on Sunday would also keep their ambitions of qualifying for the event in 2024 alive, provided that Zimbabwe suffered a loss.

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