March 20, 2023

Chris Woakes Is Making An Effort To Make The England XI

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Chris Woakes has put himself in contention for a spot on England’s preferred team for the next Twenty20 World Cup after his outstanding performance against Australia on Friday night.

Chris Woakes has been sidelined by injuries for the previous few months, but he is looking to make a comeback in time for England’s opening encounter in the Twenty20 World Cup, which will take place the following weekend.

Following a hectic schedule over the previous winter, Chris Woakes was only able to make a single appearance during the English summer. This appearance was in Warwickshire’s second XI, and he also had surgery on his left knee in the latter half of July.

Chris Woakes confesses that it was difficult for him to watch England’s Test and limited-overs sides from afar, but he has put in encouraging performances since making his comeback, first in Pakistan and now in Australia.

The 33-year-old Chris Woakes is happy to be back in the game, despite the fact that his three wickets in the third and final Twenty20 match between England and Australia on Friday were rendered meaningless since the game had to be abandoned owing to rain in Canberra.

He stated, “When you get above the age of 30, you don’t want to miss any cricket.”

“Earlier on in your career, you may experience breaks, and you will quite like them; however, this time around it felt as though I was losing possibilities to be playing for England.

“The past half year has been challenging for me, both mentally and physically because of the condition of my knee.

“As someone who watches a lot of cricket, I can tell you that if you’re not going to be around the team, it’s not always the best thing for you.

“It’s just satisfying to be back among the squad and again playing for England,” he said after making his return. I’m simply having a wonderful time with it.”

After defeating the reigning world champions in the shortest format 2-0 in the series, England will now travel to Brisbane for a warm-up match against Pakistan at the Gabba on Monday. This victory will provide England a confidence boost heading into the upcoming tournament.

They will then make the trip to Perth for their first World Cup match, which will take place the following Saturday against Afghanistan. Chris Woakes is hopeful that his abilities with the new ball as well as his all-around qualifications will put him in a better position than his competitors.

He stated, “When I have batted, I’ve shown what I can do, so it might be something that gives me the nod.” “When I have batted, I’ve shown what I can do.”

“It’s something that I’ve always had in my gear, hitting down the order,” said the player.

“The batting line-up is pretty much established, but when it comes to bowling, we have a lot of options.” I sincerely hope that what I’ve accomplished is sufficient. Taking three wickets probably wouldn’t have been detrimental to the team’s performance.

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Chris Woakes
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