Tea Tree Roll-On

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The fresh and herbaceous scent of organic tea tree oil is ready to use right out of the bottle at a skin-safe 2% dilution. Our roll-on blends are created in small batches in our kitchen, and they are a convenient way to keep tea tree essential oil ready whenever needed.

The organic fractionated coconut MCT oil base is a clear and odorless carrier oil that absorbs completely without leaving an oily feeling. Tea tree essential oil has a naturally strong and pungent aroma, and when pre-diluted our blend has a much lighter scent that is not overpowering for the senses.

Tea tree oil is a widely used essential oil that is well-known for its skin supportive qualities. Use on occasional blemishes, or for minor skin irritations after spending the day outside. Keep a bottle ready with you on hikes or camping trips. The stimulating aroma of tea tree oil helps the soul to remain buoyant and encourages a positive outlook.

Organic fractionated coconut MCT oil and organic tea tree essential oil.

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