Bulgarian Rose Roll-On

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Organic Bulgarian rose oil is ready-to-use at a skin safe dilution of 2% in a convenient roll-on bottle. Lovingly hand-blended by our kitchen experts, this gorgeous floral oil is easy to take with you anywhere. Steam-distilled rose oil, also known as rose otto, is a popular ingredient in skin care formulations for supporting a healthy glow.

Rose oil is popular for sensitive or mature skin, though it will work well for almost any skin type. The organic fractionated coconut MCT oil base is clear and unscented, and quickly absorbs into skin without leaving an oily feeling. Invite romance into your life with this single-note perfume. It can also be during times when emotional support is needed, as it’s said that rose oil can help to open the heart.

Our organic rose oil is distilled from hand-picked roses in the famed Rose Valley in Bulgaria. Each summer a great festival is held to celebrate Rosa damascena and this rich piece of Bulgarian culture, where roses have been grown and distilled for over 400 years.

It takes an incredible amount of rose petals (nearly 10,000 lbs.) to create one pound of steam-distilled oil. The essential oil yield of rose petals is very low, making the pure essential oil rather costly. Purchasing in a pre-diluted bottle is an economical and sustainable way to enjoy this beautiful oil.

Organic fractionated coconut MCT oil and organic Bulgarian rose essential oil.

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